Treatment for Verrucous Carcinoma

Verrucous Carcinoma is a form of cancer that is the modified form of squamous cell carcinoma. The victims of this cancer are mainly those who chew too much tobacco or the ones who snuff a lot orally. It may occur at different locations such as head, neck or the genitalia but most often, it occurs at the oral cavity. It is extremely harmful. The entire tumor must be removed from the roots as soon as possible because Verrucous Carcinoma can re-appear, metastasize and thus ultimately cause death. Now, treatment for Verrucous Carcinoma might be depending on the location of the tumor and the treatment of this tumor usually begins with a surgery. Now, during the surgery, whole of the tumor is removed along with a small portion of tissue located beside. This surely is a really challenging practice depending upon the location of the tumor.

If surgery serves the purpose, well and good. But the doctors may ask the patient to go through some other treatment after the surgery which most often, is the radiation therapy. The main function of the radiation therapy is to kill the remaining cancerous cells, if any. In some of the cases, the location of tumor is so sensitive, that the ration therapy is used alone. The best treatment method is always analyzed by the doctor and if the victim of Verrucous Carcinoma is any elderly patient then in order for them to avoid the surgery, we can use the ionizing radiation therapy to treat the primary cutaneous carcinoma.

As far as radiation therapy is concerned, it has a great potential benefit that it doesn't involve the pain and suffering and also the deformity as that of a surgical technique, but this thing must also be kept in mind that radiation therapy has occasionally been allied with modification to a high grade squamous carcinoma. There are major disadvantages of radiation therapy. Radiation therapy provides some good initial cosmetic results but when we take into account the long term result frequency, then it turns out to be really poor. Some of the patients may also get affected by radiation necrosis and the risk keeps on increasing with time. Radiation therapy is never recommended for the young or middle aged people. It is also not to be applied over the bony structures. It is expensive and also requires some multiple visits. Thus, basing upon all these precautions, this treatment for Verrucous Carcinoma has been limited for the older patients only who are unable to bear or who directly refuse the surgery option.

Apart from these treatments, you must also improve your overall health and have a balanced diet. A balanced diet is useful rather essential for the patients with any type of cancer including Verrucous Carcinoma. In addition to balanced diet, a proper intake of vitamins or herbal supplements, mainly vitamin D must also be observed. There are some patients who can undergo treatment for Verrucous Carcinoma by involving in relaxation techniques or spiritual activities such as yoga, meditation and prayers in order to reduce the stress of diagnosis and treatment.