Verrucous Keratosis

Verrucous Keratosis is a skin disease that affects the epidermis. This disease is characterized by wart like outgrowths that develop on the skin. It usually occurs in old age and is non -cancerous meaning that it does not spread to other parts of the body.

Causes of Verrucous Keratosis

The causes of this disease remain unclear to date. However it is found in the following situations


In most cases Verrucous Keratosis presents no symptoms. A person with this disease may not experience any symptoms at all. It is commonly found in people between the ages of 40 to 45 years. Additionally, small,hard to notice outgrowths are usually found in almost all elderly people. However, there are a few symptoms of this disease including:


The following are the clinical findings of a skin biopsy of a person with with Verrucous keratosis:

The most frequent presentation is that of a thickened lesion with the following characteristics:

Treatment Options

You only need to be concerned when you experience to much itching and the lesions seem to be consistently increasing in number. In most cases the lesions subside on their own with time. If you need to go for surgery, you should not worry because the surgery leaves you with no scars at all. The disease is absolutely curable.

How to prevent Verrucous Keratosis

The following are some of the recommended steps that you should take to be on the safe side: